Arkansas Therapy Outreach | For Centers
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For Centers

ATO is proud to partner with child care centers across central Arkansas and beyond in order to collaborate for the best possible start to a successful life. We know your primary focus on your students creates a common bond with our team as well. Together, we are honored to carry out a child-first mission to truly impact the future development of children in your center.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about what ATO can do with your center! Jill Mayes, Director, 501-481-8930 ext. 207 or email

We describe our work with child care centers as a partnership because that’s what we believe is the most beneficial for children – when their parents, physician(s) and educators all work together to help them grow and develop!
How We Work

Our team enjoys becoming part of your work family! Our therapists aim to answer questions, identify needs, resolve problems or concerns, highlight children’s strengths, share our expertise and assist your teachers in providing excellent care for all children. It’s amazing to see the relationship that can unfold when your therapy provider is eager to engage with your staff.

What You Can Expect

ATO therapists wear teal scrubs and t-shirts so you know who we are when we enter the door! We do this to help children make the association for who we are which can ease the transition to our care during their fun-filled day at your center, and also so that your staff can quickly and easily identify our presence in your facility. You can anticipate a warm and welcoming smile from our therapists who are well-trained, certified professionals eager to work. You should also expect feedback and assistance for any difficult cases that may be draining for your staff or causing conflict within your classrooms. We are problem solvers – that’s our nature as therapists!

Why Partner with ATO

We are proud to offer free TAPP trainings as a commitment to our Child-First mission that includes providing a confidently skilled work force of knowledgeable early childhood staff in Arkansas. We understand there are many unknowns and often daily struggles when caring for children with special needs and unique abilities. In order to help, we tailor TAPP trainings to the specific needs of your center and offer a host of popular topics including early identification (how to refer a child for help when something seems “off”), sensory vs. behavior (how to identify the difference and how to structure your classroom to help), caring for a child with autism (answering those tough questions about including a child who struggles with social skills), the toddler biting epidemic (how to address biting behaviors in a toddler classroom), and much more! Contact us today to learn more about these services.

Our center-wide screening program is an excellent tool that is free to child care centers and parents. Our comprehensive system is unique to ATO and limits the chance for unnecessary referrals by requiring multiple components including skilled observations, direct assessment to elicit responses with our staff, interview with caregivers/parents and utilizing a standardized screening measure that addresses all domains of development. Because ATO has a Board Certified Behavior Analysist (BCBA) on staff as well as a Licensed Mental Health Professional, our team is knowledgeable in providing tools to address behavioral issues as well. Our goal is to make sure your families are aware of any appropriate resources available to help their children. It’s a mission we would be honored to carry out with your center’s staff and families.